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Measurement of the “Bungee Dip” in Implant Stability Using Resonance Frequency Analysis: Two Case Reports

Measurement of the “Bungee Dip”

Implant stability is a key consideration when determining the point in time a dental implant should be loaded. Often a change in implant stability is observed as healing progresses from initial mechanical stability to biologic stability, ie, osseointegration, during the bone modeling/remodeling process.

The Pioneer and Legend of Modern Metal Free Implantology – Professor Sami Sandhaus

Prof Sami Sandhaus

Professor Sami Sandhaus, a Pioneer and Legend of Implantology passed away on the first weekend of October at age 92. Professor Sandhaus’ whole scientific career had been based on teaching, research and the perfection of new techniques and efficient instruments.

New Osstell Beacon monitors implant stability

Osstell Beacon

We are very happy to announce that Emerginnova is teaming up with Osstell as one of their distribution partners! Osstell, the developer of the ISQ diagnostic technology (Implant Stability Quotient), now presents the next leap in the evolution of implant diagnostic instrumentation: The Osstell BeaconTM

“Naturally, white implants” Modern Brand Identity for ZERAMEX

Zeramex new branding

Aesthetic, lively, high-quality: Zeramex’s new brand presence underlines its positioning as THE partner for ceramic implants. The new look clearly expresses the brand DNA. Whenever people come into contact with the brand, we want to make our claim “natural, white implants” tangible.

Emerginnova’s Brand-New Look!

Emerginnova's new look

The new site is easy to navigate and accommodates all screen sizes for optimal user experience!

With our new look, it’ll be easier to navigate our online shop; get caught up with our events and tradeshows and be up to date with informative articles and updates regarding Ceramic Dental Implants and Whole Body Health.

Metal Out – Ceramics In!

Metals Out - Ceramics In ZERAMEX Article

Dentalpoint with its ZERAMEX brand is a pioneer in “white implants”. In this interview with Ceramic Implants Magazine, Philip Bolleter, Head of the Technical Department, and Adrian Hunn, Head of Marketing and Sales, discuss the current state of ceramic implants.