State of Affairs During COVID-19

State of Affairs during Covid

ZERAMEX® CEO, Adrian Hunn and Emerginnova – ZERAMEX® USA Founder, Michael Foley announces State of Affairs during the global pandemic.


During times of crisis it is imperative to have a partner that you can trust to be with you for the long-term. We want you to know that we are not going anywhere. COVID-19 has changed the world and our way of life. We are committed to our employees, partners and to our clients for their safety and well-being. Rest assured we are still here, open and ready to deliver the products you need and we will be here when you and your patients are back too.

ZERAMEX® has been in business for over 15 years. From our founder and board of directors, the management and manufacturing and the entire team are dedicated to the success of our clients around the world. As we are based in Zurich, Switzerland, the Swiss government has provided immediate financial assistance to essential companies, including manufacturers in the medical space. As we are a manufacturing company, you can count on us for quality control and to continue production and innovation. The pipeline of products will further position ZERAMEX® at the top upon the world markets reopening. ZERAMEX products are distributed around the world and supported by a global network focused on bringing beautiful and healthy smiles to all of our patients. Rest assured that we will continue to support them and you. We want you to know that ZERAMEX® will be here, standing strong for you. 

Zeramex CEO Adrian Hunn Statement

Emerginnova - ZERAMEXUSA®

In the United States, ZERAMEXUSA® was started upon FDA approval of the ZERAMEX® implant system. The dynamic growth month after month has continued since opening the doors in 2016 and will again when your offices are able to reopen. Utilizing a lean and efficient business model, we will emerge as an even stronger partner when this unfortunate crisis subsides. We have used this time to develop a robust website that offers a unique and FREE find a dentist feature: 

All of our existing customers have received a free page. Additionally, we have improved our ease of ordering through the online portal and our logistics and supply chain. Our goal is to bring increased value and support to you, your team and your patients.

Emerginnova Zeramex USA Founder Michael Foley


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