Return Policy

Payment, Returns and Refunds Policy

Emerginnova strives to be transparent and understanding in regards to your financial responsibility as a valued client with respect to the services we provide. These new policies will apply to all accounts unless otherwise noted and agreed upon. 

Payment Policy

All Emerginnova products are sent out with the intention of reciprocated respect of our services and products. Therefore, all invoices are considered “open” for the first 7 calendar days after shipment (this is your “grace period”). After 7 days, any open balances are considered past due. Moving forward, any accounts past your grace period will be called for payment, until the account has been brought to current status. After 30 days past due there will be a late fee in the amount of the greater of 5% or $50, per month, included in your amount due. After 60 days past due your account will be subject to collections, unless previous payment arrangements have been made. Additionally, if your account has been past due previously, in order for us to place any new orders an active credit card must be on file. We encourage open communication in the event a payment arrangement is needed.  

Returns and Exchange

Emerginnova (AKA Zeramex USA), is an FDA regulated company. In respect to this, the return policy is taken very seriously and must be adhered to for any and all returns.  All returns and exchanges must be requested within thirty (30) calendar days of the original shipment. All returns requesting a refund must be unopened, undamaged and in their original packaging. If an item or product has been opened and/or used there is a procedure that MUST be followed or we will not be able to accept the return and no refunds will be issued. All returns must be approved by the CEO/Founder of Emerginnova. Returns made within 30 days, in good condition will be restocked into our inventory. In this instance, there is a restocking fee of 5% of the cost of each product placed back into inventory. This amount will be deducted from your refund.

In order to make claims, these must be registered with Emerginnova within thirty (30) days after determination of a failure. The message must comply with the procedures as described in the Complaint Form. The dentist must contact Emerginnova in order to request a complaint form, and receive instructions to send back the product.  The Complaint form, which documents the cause of the claimed failure, must be filled out, and must be sent back with the product in question and X-ray images within ninety (90) days to Emerginnova.  The data will be treated confidentially. All products must be sterilized before being sent back to Emerginnova.

Dentists who submit a Complaint form for surgical services must provide a case description, from which one can determine that the implant was used as per indication, and that there were no contraindications in the treated patient. The transport costs and risks for sending back the product are absorbed by the dentist. The costs for delivering a replacement will be paid by Emerginnova as long as they are covered by these warranty provisions.

Warranty Exclusion

No warranty services will be provided if

  • the product failure is caused by trauma, an accident, or an intentional or grossly negligent injury is caused to the patient or a third party; or
  • the failure of the product was caused by use in patients with known contraindications in regards to successful implant integration; or
  • the failure of mechanically-stressed components can be traced back to usual wear or a worsening of the patient’s health situation (chemotherapy, disease- or age-related bone loss, etc.)
  • Emerginnova will replace the implant with an Emerginnova implant that is equivalent in value. Thus, changes regarding diameter and length are possible


The following points must be fulfilled in order to claim the warranty services:

  • The implant that was used must come from Emerginnova
  • The treatment must comply with the indications described in the surgical manual, and may not show any negligent deviation from said manual
  • Should these provisions not be adhered to, claims for warranty services from Emerginnova shall become null and void

Competitive Exchanges

On occasion, we may offer to exchange or credit your account for purchases in exchange for unopened or unused competitor products. In this matter, the CEO/Founder of Emerginnova will decide upon the credit amount at his own discretion. Please contact us if this agreement has been made prior to this new policy, to ensure that your account is credited accordingly.

Exclusion of Liability

Emerginnova declines any further liability to treatment providers. Treatment providers’ and laboratories’ costs, fees and lost profits will not be paid by Emerginnova.

Refunds and Credits

Refunds will not be issued for products received after thirty (30) days of the original shipment, unless agreed upon, or for known reasons discussed with our staff. Refunds for defective or un-operative products will be decided upon by the CEO/Founder of Emerginnova, at his discretion. All credits are issued at the end of each calendar month.

If you have any concerns regarding these new policies or your account, please feel free to contact me for more information. We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing to be your ceramic dental supply distributor.