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ZERAMEX as a featured product by Klaus Pettinger and Wolfgang Weisser

Monolithic Abutment Part 1

The ZERAMEX Product Family: Klaus Pettinger and Wolfgang Weisser want to motivate their dental technician colleagues to produce individual abutments. It’s worth it, say the two dental technicians. In their two-part article, they show why.

ZERAMEX XT Implant Placement by Dr. Marcel Wainwright 2020

Marcel Wainwright Zeramex Case

Dr. Marcel Wainwright, CEO of Kingsmen Group, Developer of own dental care line based on Hyaluronic Acid. Since 2009 Professor for Ultrasonic Surgery and Implantology at State University of Seville (Spain). Certified Implantologist (DGI), German President of DIFNE (Dental International Filler and Neurotoxin Education), Member of DGZI, AAID, ICOI, DGZMK.

Zeramex P6 Dental Implant Placement by Dr. Shepard Delong

Banner Case by Dr Shepard Delong

Zeramex P6 Dental Implant Placement by Dr. Shepard Delong. This is a typical workflow for me with the Zeramex P6. The patient did not want an RCT or metal placed in her body.

Clinical case documentation Zeramex Plus – Dr. Mario Kirste (2013)


Practical implantology and implant prosthetics | pip 4 | 2013

The following case report is intended to show the use of the Zeramex Plus implant (Switzerland Dental Point AG Zurich). This implant combines two properties demanded and recommended by science.

ZERAMEX XT Implant Placement by Dr. Shelby Nelson of Custom Periodontics & Implantology

Dr. Shelby Nelson Banner

Dr. Shelby Nelson of Custom Periodontics & Implantology shares her experience in placing her first ever Ceramic Dental Implant. Continue reading to know the reasons why she chose to move forward with ZERAMEX XT!

Ceramic Dental Implant by Dr. Morgan & Dr. Lemke feat. Zeramex XT

Dr. Morgan and Dr. Lemke Banner

Drs. Morgan and Lemke are Cleveland area Periodontists. Centrally located in Independence, Ohio. The practice focuses on regenerative periodontal (gum) therapy and dental implant placement.

ZERAMEX® XT Implant Placement by the president of IAOCI, Dr. Sammy Noumbissi​

Dr Sammy Noumbissi Banner

Sammy Noumbissi, DDS MS has been a ceramic implant specialist for over ten years. He received his DDS from Howard University College of Dentistry in Washington, DC in 1998. He also has earned both a certificate in Implant Dentistry and a Masters of Science in Implant Surgery.

A Symbiosis of 2 Avantgardist Trends In Dentistry

Heriette Lernenr DDS Banner

The “metal-free” trend has long been apparent starting with crowns and bridge prosthesis and by extension is also now evident in implantology, Titanium implants are subject bio corrosion, especially in the presence of lipopolysaccharides from bacterial walls and that titanium particles have been found in the peri-Implantary hard and soft tissues.

ESTHETIC REHABILITATION with Zirconia Dental Implant on a Complex Pathology Patient | Luis A. Alicea DMD, MSD

Author Luis A Alicea DMD MSD Banner

Dental fear and anxiety are constant worldwide. The dental fear, pain and anxiety have a direct impact on the dental health of the odontophobia patient. The majority of patients with dental fear had a traumatic experience during childhood.