Zeramex P6 Dental Implant Placement by Dr. Shepard Delong

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Zeramex P6 Dental Implant Placement | explained by Dr. Shepard Delong


This is a typical workflow for me with the Zeramex P6. The patient did not want an RCT or metal placed in her body. She wanted a high-quality, healthy and life-like tooth replacement. We extracted the tooth and performed ridge preservation with PRF and allograft. After 4 months of healing an implant is selected following standard bone volume requirements using Galaxis from Sirona and a CEREC 2 guide system. This case was narrow buccolingually so a 4.2 diameter implant was chosen and placed. The 0.8-1.8 mm supracrestal placement allows the clinician to place it according to soft tissue thickness and without the need for significant bone profiling. Healing abutments or “gingiformers” can be placed at the time of surgery or utilized in a two-stage approach. Abutment collar heights of 1 or 2mm can be selected, modified by hand and seated or selected for laboratory use. A digital scanning abutment or impression post can be utilized for a lab fabricated restoration. I chose to scan with CEREC Omnicam and then restored with a same-day emax crown. Many options for restorative workflow and I have found great success with both the P6 and XT. I love Zeramex! Patients love it too. I keep saying, “The future is bright, White!”


About the Doctor

Dr. Shepard Delong

Dr. DeLong is a third generation dentist. With experience derived from time spent assisting his father at a young age to performing dentistry in remote locations around the world, he has developed unique perspective, intuition and skills. He has practiced in some of the most advanced dental settings from a technological, medical and holistic standpoint. He is still on staff and works periodically at Pure Health Dentistry on the island of Maui.

Throughout his own health journey, Dr. DeLong has benefitted greatly from the care and services offered by other holistic medical professionals. There is so much current science on wellness and human health that supports this philosophy.  His practice of meditation and yoga, have guided his evolution as a person and dentist.

When setting out to start his own practice, Dr. DeLong had the goals of offering the highest quality dental services in a mindful, holistic, high tech, eco friendly setting. He met Dr. Jeff Williamson during his planning phase and they both saw a great opportunity.  Dr. Williamson has been one of the Northwest’s best holistic dentists for over 30 years and was ready to retire. Dr. DeLong knew the benefits of joining a great mentor and office with all the systems in place to treat patients in a holistic and high quality environment. 

In April of 2017 Dr. DeLong purchased Centerpointe Dental and Dr. Williamson retired. The practice has changed its name to Lotus Dental Wellness. The vision of the practice moving forward is to continue providing a high level of care and commitment to holistic, health centered dentistry while implementing new technology and systems to enhance patient care and environmental stewardship. 

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ZERAMEX® P6 offers great flexibility with its reversible threaded connection and ceramic abutments. The lean, uncomplicated portfolio offers many options to choose from.

  • Monolithic crowns and bridges made of various optimised plastics or zirconium dioxide
  • All-ceramic crowns and bridges made of layering or pressed ceramic on a zirconium dioxide cap

Different shoulder heights and angles make it possible to find the correct abutment in every case for an aesthetically demanding, 100% metal-free individual-tooth restoration.

Learn more about this Metal-free ceramic dental implant by CLICKING HERE.


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