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Torq Control

Universal Torque Wrench

The precision of the screwing of the prosthetic element on the implant is essential for the success of the implant treatment. The ideal tensioning makes it possible to guard against any risk of unscrewing or fracturing of the screw. Calibrated screwing can only be guaranteed by using a precision instrument with a torque setting.The Torq Control ® Torque Wrench perfectly meets these requirements.


  • Universal torque wrench, compatible with all implant systems
  • Extreme clamping accuracy thanks to 7 detachable torque levels 
  • Automatic disengagement for optimum safety
  • Only 135 gr for a better freedom of movement
  • Micro-head for easy mouth access
  • 100 ° optimal angulation of the head to facilitate access to the posterior sectors
  • Easy maintenance : monoblock design with a smooth surface limiting areas of bacterial retention 


Automatic crown and bridge removal

Precision instrument equipped with a torque adjustment system for screwing prosthetic components at specified torque settings.


Automatic declutching when the selected torque is reached of screw tightening

Compliance with protocols. Limitation of the risk of screw breakingor unscrewing.

Micro-head and ergonomic handle

Excellent visibility in the mouth. Easier access to the posterior sectors.

7 torque levels (10 to 35 and universal connection of the prosthetic mandrels

Compatibility with all the implant systems.

Easy and rapid use

Reduced amplitude of movement compared with tightening using a ratchet wrench.

Torq Control® – Universal Torque Wrench by ANTHOGYR

Precise torque tightening of the restorative parts to the implant is mandatory for success. Accurately locking of the abutment screw will help to avoid any risk of screw loosening. Accurate tightening also eliminates possibility of over tightening and any potential damage to the screw.

Calibrated tightening can only be guaranteed through the use of a precision instrument offering a torque control system.
The dynamometrical manual wrench *Torq Control®has been specially designed to be the mos accurate system available on the market today.

Main advantages of Torq Control®

  • Universal torque wrench, recommended with any type of implants
  • Perfect control of torque at 7 torque values (10/15/20/25/30/32/
  • Automatic declutching for optimum security when reaching desired torque
  • Lightweight for a ease of use
  • Optimized access in mouth thanks to the small head size
  • 100° angulated micro-head for easy access in mouth, especially in difficult to reach posterior
  • One piece design with smooth surface to limit bacterial retention
  • Must have tool for All-on-Four treatment

3 Easy and Simple Steps

TorqControl step1

Select the recommended torque

TorqControl step2


TorqControl step3

The screw automatically stops when the selected torque is reached

Technical Details

Weight (g)
5000 in 200 coups / min
Tool type according to NF EN ISO 1797-1
Type 1
Diameter of the tools (mm) according to NF EN ISO 1797-1
Head height (mm)
Head angulation (°)
Maximum length of the tool (mm)*
Precision (
+/- 1

Special Offer

Purchase now for just $875 USD

$895 $875

Why Torq Control?

Recommended with any type of implants

Perfect control of torque with 7 torques values: 10/15/20/25/30/32/

Automatic declutching prevent the screw from loosening and fractur

Lightweight (only 135g) for a better freedom of movement. 100° angulated micro-head provides optimized access in mouth (posterior areas).

One piece design with smooth surface to limit bacterial retention. It can withstand sterilization (in an autoclave at 135°C).

High precision design and manufacturing.

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