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DentaMedica® was developed as a result of the prominent link between vitamin deficiency and implant failure. In particular, vitamin D has been correlated with higher implant failures and plays a prominent role in bone health and maintenance.


Years of Research Resulting in a Groundbreaking Formula

Many years ago, a group of University professors began to investigate potential causes of implant failures. Owing to the random unexpected implant loss that occurs in healthy non-smoking patients with adequate bone/lack of infection, a group of colleagues began to investigate a potential cause. These patients were sent to the medical school for further evaluation utilizing extensive blood work including assessment for metal allergies of titanium/titanium alloys. Interestingly, while very few patients came back with metal allergies, the most prominent discovery was the high number of patients demonstrating insufficient vitamin levels (in particular vitamin D). These preliminary findings that included assessments of several thousand patients showed that implant failure was up to 300% higher in patients with vitamin D deficiency. This was particularly shocking since smoking in general had previously been the main contributor to implant failure with a 150-200% increase in implant failure. Today, many clinicians avoid treating heavy smokers yet remain totally unaware of the higher failure rates associated with vitamin D deficiency.

Owing to these discoveries, investigators around the world began to formulate recovery plans to address vitamin deficiency prior to surgery. It was revealed that several weeks of relatively high doses of vitamin D intake were required to reach sufficient levels. It has since been shown that by adding several co-factors of vitamin D including vitamin K, manganese, magnesium and boron further increased its absorption additionally providing bone support/recovery. These have been ideally blended in DentaMedica’s proprietary recovery kit to actively address vitamin D deficiency as effectively as possible pre-surgery within a 4 week period.

Equally important, wound healing in general is markedly impaired by low antioxidant levels. A lack of antioxidants leads to high oxidative stress and slows the patient’s recovery process post-surgery. DentaMedica® addresses these potential deficiencies by combining some of the most potent forms of antioxidants at 4 to 5 times normal doses. DentaMedica® is therefore not meant for long-term use, but instead as a ‘booster’ program pre-surgery to optimize patient vitamin/antioxidant levels pre-surgery. The treating dentist can therefore be confident that implant failures associated with vitamin deficiencies is minimized and wound healing further improved.

DentaMedica® was therefore formulated after years of research with key nutrients specific to boosting antioxidant and vitamin D levels for dental surgery. DentaMedica® is proudly manufactured in California utilizing natural ingredients under high GMP standards.

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