About Us

Emerginnova is the leading provider in clinically and scientifically proven solutions for dental wellness. It was founded in August 2016.

Our mission is to provide quality and innovative dental solutions to patients and healthcare professionals, while providing transparency and trust for and from our clients.

As the demand for the most esthetic and biologically compatible options for dental implants are continuously rising, we aim to enhance the perception of dental healthcare professionals to the functionality of ceramic dental implants in replacing missing teeth.

We are committed to provide comfort, longevity and esthetics to patients by providing high quality products and continuously searching for emerging innovations to enhance the patients’ ceramic dental implant experience.

Our team

Michael Foley

The Founder

Michael Foley, The Ceramic Implant Guy,  is a Dental Industry Executive, Distributor of Metal-Free Ceramic Implants, Biocompatiblity Product Entrepreneur and Investor.

He is the President and Founder of Emerginnova which is a distributor of ZERAMEX in the US market. ZERAMEX is a growing company with a solution that is evolved like metal-implants but has all of the benefits of Ceramic Implants. Zirconia dental Implants are a hot topic in Implant dentistry at present time. Patients have a huge demand for the most esthetic and biologically compatible options.

“The future of implants has never looked brighter!”

Michael attended the University of Georgia and throughout school he had his eye on working in export management, representing the U.S. and managing sales to other countries, specifically Europe. His fluency in French led to an opportunity with Anthogyr and their desire to bring their AXIOM implants into the U.S. market. Anthogyr is a dental equipment manufacturer based in France near Geneva, Switzerland. Since working as Anthogyr’s North American Agent of distribution and sales in 2006, he has had an interest in biological dentistry.

Michael got engrossed by the idea of ceramic implants after a meeting that he attended in Miami with the International Academy of Ceramic Implants (IAOCI). He then got introduced to the ZERAMEX system, a two-piece, screw-retained ceramic implant. The big reason why Michael became involved in biological dental solutions and ZERAMEX ceramic dental implants is because then and now, all the ceramic implants in the U.S. were manufactured with the implant and abutment as a single piece. This can cause temporization (integration) issues for a patient and make removing the abutment difficult.
No one knows more about the Dental Implant market and the future of this sector than Michael Foley.
Michael is often being invited as an expert on the industry trends by dental professionals and dental health enthusiasts.

Erika Parrish (2)

Erika Parrish


Erika Parrish is the newest member of our Emerginnova-ZeramexUSA team. She is a seasoned registered dental hygienist and brings tremendous technical knowledge to the team! She has both her Associates Degree in Dental Hygiene and Bachelors in Dental Hygiene. She comes to us from a Cosmetic and Family Dental office in her local area of Southeast Michigan, where she worked as a clinical dental hygienist for six years. Her passion for dentistry and teaching led her to become a faculty member at Owens Community College where she taught Dental Materials, Dental Radiography.  
Erika is passionate about dentistry, and is excited about the transition out of the operatory and into the world of Emerginnova where she looks forward to sharing her knowledge of dentistry and implants, and connecting with customers near and far. 
Kristie Hansley

Kristie Hansley


Kristie Hansley is an accomplished manager with extensive experience in Customer Service and the field of medical devices. She is dedicated to our clients and passionate about making sure the doctors have the equipment and products they need to take care of their patients. Applying her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Certificate as a Pharmacy Technician, Kristie oversees the daily operations of all aspects of each business, our employees and warehouse.
Kristie enjoys time spent with her husband and two boys, going to the beach, learning new recipes and fancy coffees.

Jennifer Reyes

The Executive Assistant

Jennifer ‘Jen’ Reyes, Emerginnova’s Executive Assistant, works closely with our management team in all aspects of the business. With her extensive years of sales and management experience, Jen is a valued team member. As we call her “The Content Queen”, she can usually be found creating marketing and advertising content for our dentists and patients, but her talent isn’t limited to those qualities. She also has a strong focus on research and development. Applying her Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management and experience in Operations, Jen often also assists in the purchasing decisions and communications for our clients. Whenever she has free time, she enjoys cooking simple dishes while listening to lo-fi tunes and taking long bike rides around her hometown.

Adesh Chopade

IT/Technical Support

Adesh Chopade, is the Wizard of the Internet and Emerginnova’s IT and Technical Support Expert. He is exceptionally adept in everything technical. Utilizing his degree in Information Technology, Adesh’s talent is essential to our productivity. Working behind the scenes is crucial to every business, and Emerginnova is extremely fortunate to have him working with us. Adesh manages Emerginnova, ZeramexUSA, DentaMedica and SurgiCams websites and effortlessly controls any technical issues that may arise. When Adesh’s wizarding ways start to fade he likes to refresh by hiking in the mountains & traveling.
Michaela Mavis

Michaela Mavis

The Bookkeeper

Michaela Mavis, our Bookkeeper, raised and trained by her CPA father, is adamant about the numbers. She started off in the industry at 17 years old, working as an Administrative Assistant for Metts & Associates in Ohio. She then earned her Career Diploma in Accounting Technology/Technician and Bookkeeping from Ashworth College, and is an alumnus of the Delta Epsilon Tau National Honors Society. Michaela is an impeccable bookkeeper and communicator. Her passion for balance in life makes her the perfect fit for our team. Her husband is her partner in life and business, and she is also the mother of two beautiful girls. In her down time, Michaela enjoys canning fruits and vegetables, creating lasting memories with her family, and traveling, particularly to St John’s, to see her dad.

Camille Infante

The Marketing Assistant

Camille Infante, our Marketing Assistant, works hard to ensure all of our social media is up to date and relevant to our client’s needs. Employing her knowledge of SEO and marketing techniques, Camille dedicates her time to researching and creating the best and most informative posts about our products and events. She keeps our clients up to date on the latest and greatest opportunities and happenings regarding Zeramex, DentaMedica, Osstell and BioPRF via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. From her experiences throughout her career, she learned the value of hard work, efficiency and communication. Outside of the office, she enjoys spending quality time with her family. She’s always up for an adventure! She also enjoys traveling to unique places and aims to travel internationally to experience different cultures.