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Safe Remover

Safe Remover

Manual crown and bridge removal

  • The Safe Remover® crown and bridge remover enables you to successfully carry out crown and bridge removals.
  • Comfort and safety : the square rod allows for high stability of the insert on the porcelain (no risk of slipping)
  • New one-click single attachment system (bayonet): fast attachment and hooks will not unscrew
  •  No damage to the bridge : the wire-tips act in line with the coronary abutment, without any rotation*

Safe Remover

crown and bridge remover

Instrument intended for the removal of fixed prostheses (unitary or plural).

Safe Remover

Square section rod

Increased stability of the device. Good maintenance of the instrument.

ATD wire tip system reduces stress on bridges *

Excellent stability in use and reduced risk of fracture of the prosthesis

Bayonet hooking system

Easy handling and secure locking.

Sterilization box

Easy storage and maintenance.

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Safe Remover Features

  • Square section rod
  • Bayonet hooking system
  • ATD wire tip system reduces stress on bridges *
  • Sterilization box

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