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ZERAMEX XT Implant Placement by Dr. Marcel Wainwright 2020

Marcel Wainwright Zeramex Case

Dr. Marcel Wainwright, CEO of Kingsmen Group, Developer of own dental care line based on Hyaluronic Acid. Since 2009 Professor for Ultrasonic Surgery and Implantology at State University of Seville (Spain). Certified Implantologist (DGI), German President of DIFNE (Dental International Filler and Neurotoxin Education), Member of DGZI, AAID, ICOI, DGZMK.

Ozone in Dentistry

Ozone in Dentistry Banner

This session covers everything OZONE. Ozone is likely the MOST beneficial treatment modality in dentistry! Anatomy and physiology are reviewed. Injection techniques are reviewed and practiced. Many simple therapies are taught and practiced that can be used “Monday morning.” Setup, care and maintenance of the Longevity DOU120 ozone unit are covered.

Zeramex P6 Dental Implant Placement by Dr. Shepard Delong

Banner Case by Dr Shepard Delong

Zeramex P6 Dental Implant Placement by Dr. Shepard Delong. This is a typical workflow for me with the Zeramex P6. The patient did not want an RCT or metal placed in her body.

Next-Generation Biomaterials for Bone & Periodontal Regeneration

Next Generation Biomaterials banner

New and innovative biomaterials are being discovered or created in laboratories at an unprecedented rate, but many of them remain entirely foreign to practicing clinicians. This course presents an up-to-date summary of how to effectively utilize dental biomaterials for bone and periodontal regeneration, and presents next generation biomaterials that will surely assist clinicians involved in implant dentistry.

Clinical case documentation Zeramex Plus – Dr. Mario Kirste (2013)


Practical implantology and implant prosthetics | pip 4 | 2013

The following case report is intended to show the use of the Zeramex Plus implant (Switzerland Dental Point AG Zurich). This implant combines two properties demanded and recommended by science.

ZERAMEX Expert Days 2020

Zeramex Expert Day 2020 Banner

Do I have to offer ceramic implant systems in my practice? And if so, for what? How does that fit into my practice concept? What do my patients get from it? What do I have to invest?
If you are dealing with these or similar questions, then our Expert Days is the right place for you. Meet experienced users and learn about the advantages of Zeramex implants. Make up your own mind and have a say!