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State of Affairs During COVID-19

State of Affairs during Covid

ZERAMEX® CEO, Adrian Hunn and Emerginnova – ZERAMEX® USA Founder, Michael Foley announces State of Affairs during the global pandemic.

Ceramic Dental Implant by Dr. Morgan & Dr. Lemke feat. Zeramex XT

Dr. Morgan and Dr. Lemke Banner

Drs. Morgan and Lemke are Cleveland area Periodontists. Centrally located in Independence, Ohio. The practice focuses on regenerative periodontal (gum) therapy and dental implant placement.

2020 WSP Western Region Dental Hygiene Symposium

Record numbers of periodontists, general dentists and dental hygienists have attended due to the quality of these team focused, clinically relevant programs. On the heels of this success, the WSP is joining with the Nevada Dental Hygienists’ Association to launch the First Annual Western Region Dental Hygiene Symposium in Las Vegas, July 31- August 2, 2020.

ZERAMEX® XT Implant Placement by the president of IAOCI, Dr. Sammy Noumbissi​

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Sammy Noumbissi, DDS MS has been a ceramic implant specialist for over ten years. He received his DDS from Howard University College of Dentistry in Washington, DC in 1998. He also has earned both a certificate in Implant Dentistry and a Masters of Science in Implant Surgery.

A Symbiosis of 2 Avantgardist Trends In Dentistry

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The “metal-free” trend has long been apparent starting with crowns and bridge prosthesis and by extension is also now evident in implantology, Titanium implants are subject bio corrosion, especially in the presence of lipopolysaccharides from bacterial walls and that titanium particles have been found in the peri-Implantary hard and soft tissues.

Implant Tribune: Spotlight on ZERAMEX®XT for the month of April 2020

Zeramex xt front page

We are excited to announce that ZERAMEX®USA has been selected to become the front cover of the international C.E. magazine of oral implantology, Implant Tribune for their April 2020 issue!

ESTHETIC REHABILITATION with Zirconia Dental Implant on a Complex Pathology Patient | Luis A. Alicea DMD, MSD

Author Luis A Alicea DMD MSD Banner

Dental fear and anxiety are constant worldwide. The dental fear, pain and anxiety have a direct impact on the dental health of the odontophobia patient. The majority of patients with dental fear had a traumatic experience during childhood.

ZERAMEX® XT Implant Placement by one of the founders of modern dental implants, Dr. Jack Hahn

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Watch the Dental Implant Placement performed by one of the founders of modern dental implants, Dr. Jack Hahn​

Single tooth restoration with one All-Ceramic Implant Solution in the anterior region

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A 40-year-old patient presented with a tooth 21 that was not worth preserving in our jaw surgery practice before..

ZERAMEX® XT | Implant Placement by Dr. Ryan Jones of Nashville Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Ryan Jones Case Presentation

Cool series showing how Dr. Ryan Jones, and his team at Nashville Restorative Dentistry, uses technology to improve clinical predictability and the patient experience.