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Q&A with ZERAMEX CEO Adrian Hunn hosted by ‘Ceramic Implant Guy’ Michael Foley

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ZERAMEX CEO, Adrian Hunn went live on Wednesday, May 6th, for a Q&A session hosted by ‘Ceramic Implant Guy’ Michael Foley.
Know the history of the company, present day situation, current state of ceramic dental implants and a lot more!

State of Affairs During COVID-19

State of Affairs during Covid

ZERAMEX® CEO, Adrian Hunn and Emerginnova – ZERAMEX® USA Founder, Michael Foley announces State of Affairs during the global pandemic.

The Ceramic Implant Guy interviews one of the Founders of Modern Dental Implant

Ceramic Implant Guy interviews Dr. Jack Hahn

Michael Foley, founder of Emerginnova, was honored to have the opportunity to fly to Cincinnati Ohio to meet with one of the leading inventors, developers and founders of modern dental implant surgery, Dr. Jack Hahn.

Jerry Jones with Michael Foley on the Benefits of Ceramic Implants

The Jerry Jones Direct Radio Show

The implant market now is exploding, and the demand for ceramic implants are increasing. Tune in to the podcast and learn about the brief history of implants and the difference of titanium and ceramic implants as discussed by Michael Foley.

Delivering Wow Podcast with Michael Foley

Delivering Wow with Michael Foley 2

If you want to make your dental practice stand out from your competitors, you’ve got to start thinking about new and innovative products and services you could potentially start offering to your patients.

Michael Foley on Agent Straight Talk (Part II)

Michael Foley on Agent Straight Talk Part 2

The previous installment ended just as Emerginnova Founder and President, Michael Foley, was about to share the advantages ceramic implants have over conventional titanium implants.