Jerry Jones with Michael Foley on the Benefits of Ceramic Implants

The Jerry Jones Direct Radio Show

As the nation’s top expert on professional practice marketing with well over 20 years experience, Jerry spends time developing and executing marketing strategies for his private dental clients and ClearPath Society® Members. While not a dentist, starting in 2003, Mr. Jones opened a start-up, “from-scratch” multi-doctor dental office, Wellness Springs Dental of Salem. He later held interests in as many as three offices.

He knows what it takes to successfully own and operate a dental office in an area with high competition and in the ever-changing dental landscape. For example, for several years during and after the 2008 financial collapse, his dental office maintained double-digit year-over-year growth while surrounding practices were going under.

Jerry publishes multiple newsletters and a magazine each and every month, is the author of multiple books, and, speaks on a variety of topics.

Will titanium implants be a thing of the past?

Patients are seeking out ceramic implants – we provide training and educate the dentists and teach how to offer ceramic implants successfully in their practice… there are a lot of upcoming web-based information where we are trying to reach out directly to the patients, educate patients on their options and then provide the patients with a list of our providers..

Michael Foley, Founder and President of Emerginnova

Listen to the full podcast interview: CLICK HERE

Jerry Jones Direct Radio Show

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