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Osstell ISQ Online Symposium

Osstell ISQ Online Symposium

Demands for optimal time to teeth need to be met through simple, objective tools and patient specific decisions. With today’s new and innovative techniques, reductions in treatment times as well as opportunities for medically compromised patients to have successful implant therapy have improved significantly. Assessing implant stability and osseointegration in an objective and repeatable way may still be a challenge and deciding when to load.

Post-extraction implants, Insertion Torque Value (ITV) & ISQ

Dr. Barry Levin at Osstell's 11th Scientific Symposium

How to value each measurement and when to restore implants in immediate and grafted sites. This presentation features clinical cases from a private practice, supported by clinical studies performed by Dr. Barry Levin.

New Osstell Beacon monitors implant stability

Osstell Beacon

We are very happy to announce that Emerginnova is teaming up with Osstell as one of their distribution partners! Osstell, the developer of the ISQ diagnostic technology (Implant Stability Quotient), now presents the next leap in the evolution of implant diagnostic instrumentation: The Osstell BeaconTM