ZERAMEX launches further innovations in dental implantology

Zeramex Launches Further Innovations

No compromises, natural aesthetics and the highest prosthetic flexibility: under this motto, Zeramex is launching the Zeramex XT 3.5 mm ceramic implant, the first reversibly screwable and 100 percent metal-free abutments for removable dentures and the new, smaller Zerabase X adhesive base.

Zeramex xt15508_assembly
Fig 1 Small-Based Implant
Zeramex xt15512
Fig 1A Zeramex XT Implant systems · Implants with an endosseous diameter of 3.5 mm
XT Abutments
Fig 2 Individual Abutment Fig 3-4 Standard Abutments

The portfolio of the 100 percent metal-free and reversibly screwable Zeramex XT ceramic implant system is now complete. After the launch of the new competence center Zeramex Digital Solutions, which serves the demand for individual abutments and one piece, monolithic crowns with implant connection, Firrna Dentalpoint is launching further innovations on the market. The portfolio of the Zeramex XT implant system now also includes the anterior teeth in the lower jaw and lateral incisors in the upper jaw Implants with an endosseous diameter of 3.5 mm (Fig. 1a). The new small-base implants (SB) (Fig. 1) are available in lengths of 8, 10 and 12 mm. In addition to the familiar regular and wide-base platforms with endosseous diameters of 4.2 mm for the RB implant and 5.5 mm for the WB implant, the range of Zeramex XT implants is now complete (Figs. 2 to 5).

In addition to the SB implants, the system has also been expanded with new abutments for removable dentures. The Zeramex Docklocs abutments are the first 100 

Fig 5 Product family Zeramex
6 to 9 Zeramex Docklocs Abutments 1
Fig 6 to 9 Zeramex Docklocs Abutments

Percent metal-free and reversibly screwable abutments for removable dentures. They are available in heights of 2, 3 and 4 mm and fit on all Zeramex XT SB, RB and WB implants (Fig. 6 to 9).

In order to further optimize the digital workflow, a smaller adhesive base has recently become available. Like the Zerabase adhesive base, the new Zerabase X is also available with and without abutment feet (Figs. 10 and 11) for single crowns or bridge restorations (engaged / unengaged) as well as for all SB, RB and WB platforms.

“Zeramex now offers the most comprehensive range in ceramic implantology to achieve natural aesthetic results,” explains Dr. Ricarda Jansen, Director of Dental Implants at Zeramex. The innovations SB implants, Zeramex Docklocs abutments and the new Zerabase X adhesive base are available now.

Zerobase X one Abutment tube
Fig 10 Zerabase X with Abutment foot Fig 11 Zerobase X one Abutment tube

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