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Study ties unhealthy gums to liver cancer risk

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Studies have established that poor oral health are a risk factor for a number of long-term conditions, including stroke, heart disease, diabetes, diabetes, and some cancers.

Metal Hypersensitivity to Orthopedic Implants

Metal Hypersensitivity to Orthopedic Implants

Metals can undergo a degree of corrosion and metal release after implantation. Corrosion of allergenic metals can lead to metal-protein implant failure.

Having Heart Surgery? Why Good Dental Health Matters

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Many people who need surgery might have to delay the procedure for weeks, or even months, because of poor dental health and/or presence of oral diseases.

47 new genes linked to dental diseases

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An international team of researchers identified new genes associated with oral health and dental diseases.Findings suggest many dental traits are heritable.

Is Zirconia a Metal? featuring Mr. Eric Bright

Is Zirconia a Metal?

Watch this brief but informative interview between Michael Foley and Eric Bright – “Is Zirconia a metal?“ Michael Foley is the President of Emerginnova and US distributor of ZERAMEX®, Metal-Free Ceramic Implants. Eric Bright has his Engineering degree in BioCeramics and is now the Vice President Atlantis Global Development.

Dental Implant Practices Podcast with Mike Foley

Episode 88 - Ceramic Zirconia Implants with Zeramex and Emerginnova Mike Foley

Mike Foley has been in the dental implant business for 15 years, and jokes that once you get into it, you can’t get out. In this podcast, you’ll hear all about how he got started with ceramic zirconia implants specifically.