Augma Biomaterials Case

Augma Biomaterials Case

Case Presentation by: Stephane Berg | Posted by Amos Yahav through Facebook | Posted last July 21, 2019
Augma Biomaterials Case

Stephane Berg
Dr. Stephane Berg


Dr. Berg is one of the top experts at the #ABCA (Augma Bone Cement Academy) and will be speaking at the Augma 1st International Symposium- Tel Aviv, for more details:

Dr. Stephane Berg challenging Case of a right maxillary fractured molar and replacement by an implant after GBR with biphasic calcium sulfate and vertical sinus lift.

52 years old female presented with fractured right maxillary first molar in September 2018. It was decided to proceed with extraction and GBR with biphasic calcium sulfate cement (Bond Apatite®, Augma Biomaterials Ltd) in order to avoid the resorption of the alveolar bone and to maintain the crestal width. The exposed graft was covered by a collagen sponge secured in place. On March 2019, the regenerated bone allows the placement of an implant in conjunction with a crestal sinus lift and sinus filling by biphasic calcium sulfate cement (Bond Apatite – Bone Graft Cement by Augma Biomaterials – bond-apatite).

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About the product used:

Bond Apatite – Bone Graft Cement by Augma Biomaterials – bond-apatite

Bond Apatite is a new grafting product that combines biphasic calcium sulfate with a formula of hydroxyapatite granules in a pre-filled syringe to create a self-setting cement for bone graft procedures.

  • Easy to prepare & Use! Delivered in a dual-chamber, pre-filled syringe, containing the granulated powder and physiological saline.
  • Self-setting cement, with an ability to attach to and set at the work site and to bond to granular bone substitutes, preventing them from moving.
  • Membrane coverage is advisable but not essential
  • Biocompatible
  • Convenient to work with and shape significantly reduces treatment time and makes the clinician’s work easier.
  • Exactly the same as MIS 4Matrix.

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