ZERAMEX® XT | Full ceramic posterior bridge

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About the Doctor

Dr. Michael Leistner

Curriculum vitae:

  • Born in 1957
  • 1978 high school diploma
  • 1978 – 1981 Training in dental technology
  • 1989 exam, license and doctorate at the Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg
  • 1989 Scientific work for Krupp Medical Technology with a focus on titanium welding
  • 1990 – 1991 Assistant professor
  • 1991 established in his own practice
  • 1994 Speaker on all-ceramics
  • 2001 Winner of the open Russian championships in stomatology
  • 2002 lecturer on implantology
  • 2003 International lecturer
  • 2005 Speaker on the subject of metal-free pens
  • 2007 Foundation of a national practice group
  • 2009 Dental license in Porto (Portugal)
  • 2012 Speaker on all-ceramic implants

ZERAMEX® XT | Full ceramic posterior bridge

The 72-year-old patient has been treated with seven titanium Straumann implants and a double-sided sinus lift in the upper jaw over 20 years ago. The two implants on 24 and 25 had to be removed due to severe peri-implantitis and bone resorption. The patient wanted to know, whether a further implant soluton is possible. After evaluation of the X-ray images, a new restoration on the basis of three implants in the second quadrant was proposed, in the distal area bone augmentation via an internal sinus lift. The patient asked if a metal-free restoration is possible. The implants used were the new Zeramex XT implants with screw-retained abutments (Dentalpoint). The bone replacement material used was maxresorb inject (botiss).

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