Straumann asks, “Will ceramics soon become the new material of choice”

What if I told you that the WORLD’S LARGEST TITANIUM IMPLANT COMPANY was asking their leading clinicians this question. 

“Will ceramics soon become the new material of choice?”

In the video: Straumann Live at the Esthetic Days 2019 in Baden-Baden, Germany: Esthetic dentistry is developing into a key driver. Patients who are increasingly informed and inspired by the media are proactively seeking esthetic dental care by the practitioner of their choice – with all the corresponding implications, both positive and negative. They asked seven top experts in the field if they think that ceramics will soon become the new material of choice in implant dentistry: Woo-Ttum Bittner, Kai-Hendrik Bormann, Chris Chmielewski, Vincent Fehmer, Gabor Tepper, Kay Vietor, and Julia Wittneben (alphabetical order).

We are witnessing a major shift led by the leading titanium implant companies to question titanium as the best material for tooth replacement.  

A driving factor is the global rise in prevalence of peri-implantitis. Recent studies done by the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine, New York City, New York, concluded that approximately 1/3 of the patients and 1/5 of all implants experienced peri-implantitis!

While everyone agrees that cement, ill fitting prosthetics can be part of the cause, this staggeringly negative statistic for titanium implants is leading the investigation for alternative solutions. Ceramic implants are being investigated as the leading candidate.

A study was conducted by the Department of Oral Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Graduate School, Kyushu Dental University, Fukuoka, Japan about the soft tissue biological response to Zirconia and metal implant abutments compared with natural tooth.

These results suggest that blood flow in tissue surrounding zirconia abutments is similar to that in soft tissue around natural teeth. Moreover, zirconia abutments could be advantageous for the maintenance of immune function by improving blood circulation.

“Will ceramics soon become the new material of choice?”

What if all the responses were, YES

ZERAMEX is a Zurich Switzerland manufacturer poised to lead this transition. Since 2006, ZERAMEX has been focused on evolving ceramic implants to a design that is 100% reliable and easy to use. 

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The ZERAMEX® XT is the first and only completely metal free system that functions surgically and restorative, like traditional titanium implants.

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