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First published by Implant Tribune | August 16, 2019

It’s time to take a serious look at modern ceramic implants as a profitable health center for your practice. Like the rapidly growing 50 billion dollar organic market, ceramic implants are here to stay. Not only can ceramic implants help us to improve the health and cosmetics of our patients; they serve as practice differentiator, driving profitable and loyal patients. According to studies, the market share of ceramic implants is currently 2-3 percent but is predicted to represent 24 percent by 2022. For practitioners, this means the time is now to incorporate them into your practice and join the quickest growing market opportunity in dental implantology.

Modern ceramic implants have come along way from the monocrystalline alumina implants during the Branemark’s days.  Now made of Zirconia Oxide(Zr02), they are no longer one piece, smooth or difficult to place or restore. Leading the evolution and modernization of ceramic implants is ZERAMEX®.  ZERAMEX® is a Switzerland based manufacturer of ceramic implants with FDA approval since 2016 and current sales distribution throughout the United States.  ZERAMEX®XT is a two piece, screw-retained system that functions surgically and restorative like current titanium implants.

The XT system is tapered in design, has an internal connection and the unique VICARBO® screw creates a seal against bacteria and micromovement.  

The current product offer has restorative flexibility with multiple abutment choices and will soon have scan bodies and a complete digital workflow with fully customized prosthetics.  Modern ceramic implants now offer the same ease of use as current titanium implants.  


Three reasons to consider adding ceramic implants to your armamentarium: Demand for metal-free implants is growing as patients are seeking more natural and biocompatible products; asking their dentists about alternatives to titanium implants.  If your practice is close to a whole foods market or other organic market, you likely have patients that would appreciate the choice of a non-metal solution. Your practice could be missing this same patient as they search for a solution fulfilling their dental needs.


Patients have become more educated and demanding.  Not only do they want a tooth replacement for functionality, but they are demanding exceptional aesthetics.  In thin tissue type and anterior cases, we have all witnessed occasional greying and metal transparency.  Ceramic implants are white, often eliminating the need for tissue grafting.  Ceramic implants should be presented as a solution for all single tooth cases in the anterior.  Patient demand for cosmetic solutions should be a strong consideration in the offerings provided.

Evolution in Implant Dentistry
A look at implants, from the 1980's through today.

Ceramic implants are worthy of consideration due to the inherent aesthetic characteristics of zirconia as well as its friendly biological properties. The fact is soft tissue has documented greater affinity for ceramic implants over titanium implants.  Recent research raises valid concerns about the biological properties of titanium, especially with regards to peri-implantitis. Individuals with specific polymorphisms (SNPs) are even at greater risk both from a dental and systemic point of view. At the same time research on zirconia is quite positive and progressing by leaps and bounds.  Ceramic implants have documented reduction in plaque and bacterial attraction and are not susceptible to corrosion over time. Soft tissue around a Zirconia implant is similar to that in soft tissue around natural teeth.

As more research becomes available about long term results, ceramic implants will become the preferred choice of many dental implantologists for biological, cosmetic and soft tissue results. 


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