Three Benefits of Choosing Zirconia Dental Implants

Three Benefits of Choosing Zirconia Dental Implants

Since 1994, Dr. Azadeh “Amy” Khajavi has served as a dentist at her own private practice in San  Diego, California. Among her services, Dr. Azadeh Khajavi specializes in full mouth reconstruction  using metal-free dental implants, with a focus on zirconia dental implants

An alternative to titanium implants, Zirconia implants have been used to replace missing teeth  since 1987. When comparing zirconia implants with titanium implants, studies have shown the two  types of implants have a comparable bone to implant contact, which is an important indicator of the  implant’s stability in the patient’s mouth. However, zirconia dental implants have been shown to  have several additional benefits.

Zirconia Implants

1. Zirconia dental implants are designed for longevity, including withstanding great force and  maintaining the ability to remain inflexible under pressure.

2. The implants feature a one-piece design, whereas titanium dental implants are produced using  two metal pieces. Zirconia dental implants, as a result, resist the potential infection that sometimes  occurs with the two-piece model.

3. They can be placed immediately after a tooth is extracted, which means a patient experiences a  less-invasive surgery.

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