Dallas, TX


Jan 10 - 11 2020


All Day

North American Society of Periodontists Annual Invitational Meeting


Dates: January 10-11, 2020
Location:The Ritz-Carlton, 2121 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75201

ZERAMEX & Emerginnova will be exhibiting!

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Book by telephone, call Central Reservations 800-960-7082. Reference North American Society of Periodontists January 10-11, 2020. For online reservations, CLICK HERE.

NASP, a group of eleven periodontal practices, many of whom have been together for more than twenty years, is a professional organization whose focus is primarily non-clinical. The Core Group represents some of the most successful and highly productive periodontal practices in the US.  The doctors, if not always “visible” in the conventional “lecture circuit” sense, as defined by the American Academy of Periodontics, are none the less extraordinary models of excellence. This formidable group of clinicians comes together to explore how to distinguish their practices in the areas of marketing, management, practice development, growth of referrals, and staff issues.


Once a year at their Annual Meeting, the “membership” is opened, by invitation only, to approximately thirty additional practices. These Periodontists, most of whom have become perennial participants, share the belief that real success in practice is only partly about who has the best clinical training and technical expertise.

The group is diverse, with members having less than ten years of practice experience to several with retirement on their radar screen. The varied perspectives of this wide continuum of successful practitioners are what make this group unique. Additionally, key office staff members in managerial positions are also invited to participate.


Dr. Steven Rasner

Dr. Steven Rasner

Succeeding in Periodontics in The Current Climate of “I can do it all “Super GP’s” and “Carpetbaggers.”

Without question, the North American Society of Periodontists Annual Invitational Meeting is a meeting like no other. This is not a meeting after which our doctors go back to their offices and what they have learned fades over time.  The impact of attending NASP will be felt by all our attendees long after they have returned to their practices.

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