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Osstell SmartPeg for Swiss Dental Solutions AG

Swiss Dental Solutions is a highly innovative and rapidly growing manufacturer of ceramic implants with a highly motivated team dealing with all aspects of dental ceramic implants. Founded by the ceramic pioneer Dr. Karl Ulrich Volz, we are experts in the manufacture of ceramic implants, the supply of our patients in the Swiss Biohealth Clinic with implant solutions made from the high-performance material zirconium oxide and the training of dentists and dental professionals in matters of ceramic implants and biological dentistry..


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Why Osstell?


Our method eliminates chance. When measuring the implant stability, you will get an objective value, making the implant treatment more predictable - even for patients with risk factors.

Reduced Time

Immediate loading is becoming more and more common. Patients want results fast. With Osstell, you only wait as long as needed.

Proven Method

Backed by more than 1000 scientific studies, our method is based on RFA to determine whether or not an implant is stable enough. The result is presented as an ISQ value of 1-100. The higher the ISQ, the more stable the implant.

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