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Apr 15 2020


4:00 pm


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The European Experience with 2-Piece Ceramic Implants

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Webinar hosted by Emerginnova

Date & Time: April 9, 2020 | 12:00 NN

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The European Experience with 2-Piece Ceramic Implants

The Europeans are leading the transition from Titanium to Ceramic Implants. Dr. Marcel Wainwright has been through it all and shares his journey.


Marcel Wainwright

Prof. Dr. Marcel Wainwright was born in 1969, graduated 1994 at the Elite University of Aachen (Germany) where he received his doctor´s degree with summa cum laude 1996. He was working in leading associated practices in Germany for more than 19 years and opened in January 2016 in Stockholm (Sweden) the Mirala Clinic. He is Co-inventor of the Intralift, the Ultrasonic based crestal minimal invasive sinus augmentation and several instruments and techniques based on ultrasonic surgery and is part of the TKW research group (Troedhan, Kurrek, Wainwright). Prof. Wainwright published more than 60 articles and scientific papers, contributed his work to published books and was part of the dental olympic team 2008 in Beijing and 2012 in London.

Prof. Wainwright is an international referent and a worldwide acting speaker for implantology, ultrasonic surgery and esthetic dentistry. 2013 he was elected by the German Minister of Health to represent Germany on the German Dental Week in Shenzhen, China. Prof. Wainwright is owner of the Ukrainian Gold Medal of Honor from the Society for Oral Maxillofacial Surgery and Implantology. He is a visiting professor of the Universities of Guangzhou, Dalian, Mahidol, Leuven and Chapel Hill and is specialized and conducts courses in implantology, ultrasonic oral surgery, esthetic dentistry and soft tissue management. His research focus is based on minimal invasive ultrasonic surgical procedures and intraoral application of crosslinked hyaluronic acid.


ZERAMEX®XT has a tapered design allowing optimal primary stability. The internal connection has been specifically engineered to maximize the strength of rigid zirconia and eliminate any lateral forces on zirconia.  

The precise fitting components offer variable placement close to bone level for enhanced restorative margin. The heart of the connection is the VICARBO® screw. Comprised of many individual threads of carbon fiber that run vertically, uncut down the length of the screw to durably absorb the tensile forces and give the VICARBO® screw its exceptionally high strength.

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