Vitamin D Deficiency and Early Implant Failure

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Dentistry Today of the most prominent deficiencies known to mankind is that of vitamin D....

This article highlights the effects of vitamin D deficiency early implant failure and bone graft complications.
Vitamin D remains one of the most highly prevalent vitamin deficiencies known to man, and a direct link with bone tissue homeostasis and remodel eling has been reported in the litera ture. It’s noteworthy that vitamin D is also linked with the immune system, D deficiency. The patient was then supplemented with a 12-week recovery ery program of supplements (Denta Medica), and implant placement was successful thereafter. This case rep resents a standard recovery program and timeline following early implant failure for unknown reasons to pro mote local healing and recovery of vitamin and mineral levels. Vitamin D testing post early implant failure ure almost always results in cases reported to be vitamin D-deficient.

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