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Osstell IDx

$3,995.00 $4,500.00

The Osstell IDx helps you to objectively determine implant stability and to assess the progress of osseointegration – without jeopardizing the healing process. It is a fast and non-invasive system that will provide the accurate and objective information needed to proceed with confidence.


      • - Assess implant stability and the degree of osseointegration
      • - Reduce treatment time and better manage risk patients
      • Easily interpret results through intuitive color coding based on the ISQ scale
      • Enables efficient communication with patients & collaboration with colleagues
      • Extract data, share files and analyze implant and treatment data through Osstell Connect
      • Remote back-up and support
      • Share patients between multiple IDx’s


      Technical Specs

      • Power, weight & size:
      • Rated power: 12V, type
      • Instrument size: 203mm x 163mm x 72mm
      • Package size: 270mm x 243mm x 105mm
      • Instrument weight: 0.85kg
      • Gross weight: 2.1kg


      Included in Box

      • - IDx instrument
      • - Probe
      • - SmartPeg Mount
      • - Charger
      • - TestPeg

      Note: SmartPegs, needed when measuring on a patient, are ordered separately.

      Click here to buy SmartPeg

      Click here for more information on IDx and Osstell


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