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Futudent eduCam: HD Dental Video Camera

$2,239.00 $2,900.00

Full HD quality at an affordable price for everyone.

First launched in September 2016, the eduCam was the first specialised dental camera to make video available to dentists everywhere at a very affordable price.  Today the eduCam is in use all around the world by pre-eminent lecturers, students, neighbourhood dentists and hygienists alike. The eduCam made the idea of using video for improving dental documentation and communication. 

The eduCam is a multi-purpose dental camera, that:

  • Helps get more treatments accepted
  • Enhances communication with colleagues
  • Provides personalised video education for patients
  • Makes documentation easier, with better quality
  • Comes with custom mount for most loupes and lights
  • Works with Windows and Mac, plus Android for tether-free filming

Kit comes with:

  • 1 eduCam Full HD dental camera with aluminum camera case
    • Full aluminium body ensures durability.
    • Small and lightweight: Weighs only 31 grams.
  • Available in 16mm lens for Light Mount (most popular), or 25mm Ultra HD lens (best for loupe mount)
  • USB control pedal, 2x 5m (16ft) USB extension cables
  • 5x recording software licenses & Cloud Storage
  • 1 overhead light attachment



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