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PRF Centrifuge

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This Centrifuge is ideal for the PRF protocol and matches the specifications used to create PRF plugs/mebranes, or injectable PRF liquid. Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF).  2-year Warranty on Centrifuge.


1 (one) Centrifuge DM0412

DM0412 Clinical Centrifuge Features:

  • Easy programming to achieve high accuracy of speed control CPU controls all operating parameters including speed and time
  • Rotor speed can be set and displayed by RPM or G-force Operation can be timed from 30 seconds to 99 minutes or continuous running
  • Timer commences once the set speed is reached, so the separation time is more accurate
  • Gentle braking at low speeds with efficient separation
  • Parameters can be modified after the set speed is reached
  • Quick spins are possible by pressing and holding PULSE key Lid with electric lock and automatic release function saves processing time and prevents samples overheating
  • Easy operation with intuitive menu and easy-to-read backlit LCD processing display and sound alert
  • High strength plastic rotor and excellent balance technology for quiet and stable operation
  • Maintenance-free brushless DC motors to drive quickly and effortlessly accelerates the rotor to set speed
  • Automatic self-diagnosis on startup showing accumulative running time and last running parameters
  • Comes with adapters and plugs for smaller tubes
  • cTUVus approved for UL and CSA 2 YEAR WARRANTY


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