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RAPTOS Prefilled Syringe: Mineralized Cortico-Cancellous Bone Graft


Raptos graft is a mixture of allograft mineralized cortical and cancellous chips in a convenient syringe with a filter cap. Curved syringe for better access to site. The cancellous and cortical blend forms an osteoconductive scaffold providing volume enhancement and effective site development for successful dental implant placement.

  • Sourced from premier tissue bank in the US
    Strict processing procedures are taken by the tissue bank to ensure quality and safe tissue grafts for transplantation. Tissue bank complies with guidelines and regulations with the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB), Food and Drug and Administration (FDA) and many other state health department regulations.


  • Rigorous donor screening
    Extensive tests for infectious diseases such as AIDS, Hepatitis B&C and Syphilis are performed on all donors recovered by the tissue bank. Each donor is thoroughly evaluated using medical/social history questions, medical records, blood test and culture results, physical examinations and autopsy reports (when performed). The tissue bank’s medical director reviews all donor information, and if found acceptable the tissue is released for processing.


  • Low dose gamma irradiation
    Musculoskeletal allografts are processed and sterilized using gamma irradiation following ISO 11137 methodology to provide a sterility assurance level of 10-6.


  • Treated with patented cleaning treatment
    As part of a validated process, cleaning and disinfecting solutions such as alcohol, antibiotics and hydrogen peroxide, along with centrifuges, ultrasonic baths and pressure washes are used during a patented cleaning treatment, to remove viruses, bacteria and cellular material.

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