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The sterile, angled disposable bone scraper makes providing your patients with mineralized cortical bone easier than ever before.

Harvesting of osteogenic Autogenous bone grafting with the Osseous Glider allows harvesting vital bone in large or small amounts and from any surface.  

Autogenous bone is considered the gold standard and has several advantages over other augmentation techniques including short healing times, favorable bone quality, lower material costs, no risk of disease transmission or antigenicity, and predictability in the repair of larger defects or greater atrophy.  If you’ve never used an angled scraper, you won’t believe how much easier it is to use than a straight scraper. The secret is to hold the angled Glider at a 35-degree angle on the ridge.



  • Sharp circular blade for 360° of harvesting
  • Never a dull blade - expose a new cutting surface with 90° twist of any .050 hex driver
  • Angled Osseous Glider is optimized for ergonomics  
  • Harvest bone from the external oblique ridge ramus, mandibular symphysis, and tuberosity areas of the mouth.
  • Single patient use. Individually packaged and delivered sterile
  • Manually harvest autogenous bone while preserving cell vitality
  • Easy slide bone trap for bone retrieval
  • Easily handling of bone is collected with coagulated blood, it displays a high biological plasticity shortly after it is harvested. This makes the graft extremely easy to handle and mold.bone in an atraumatic manner
  • Collect up to 2.5cc of graft material

Benefit vs other harvesting methods:

  • The graft's cellular vitality is maintained and no risk of potentially overheating bone
  • Bone shavings harvested with the Osseous Glider have the porosity and low density to allow angiogenesis
  • bone is collected with coagulated blood, it displays a high biological plasticity making the graft easy to handle and mold

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