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Michael Foley on Agent Straight Talk (Part I)

Written by Mr. Dean George


Posted on March 27 2019

Interviewed by Mr. Dean George | Published on March 12, 2019

What is a dental implant?

Know the several benefits of dental implants
over dentures

Know the difference of dental implants
then and now

Dental Implant Image


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About the Blogpost

Michael Foley has had an interest in biological dentistry since working as Anthogyr's North American Agent of distribution and sales in 2006. Anthogyr is a dental equipment manufacturer based in France near Geneva, Switzerland.

Know a little bit more about Emerginnova’s founder, Michael Foley by reading the first installment of a 2-part article done by Dean George.

About the Interviewer

Dean is an accomplished, dedicated and highly skilled Blogger/Content Creator with 25 years of experience performing enhancements and modifications to corporate messaging and blogs, assessing new standards, technologies and trends, and formulating plans for future enhancement to messaging strategies.

Moreover, Dean is skillful in writing in multiple styles/voices and contributing broadly to content generation as it relates to marketing programs and materials. Also, he is a results oriented leader with a track record of driving long-term success, and a demonstrated ability to generate a wide variety of content types and styles in his messaging.

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